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The Custom Design Process...

Meet with your Designer

Whether your project is a bedroom closet, pantry, home office, media center, or garage system, we’ve seen it all. Our highly experienced Storage Designers, with over 84 years of experience, are certified experts at helping you realize the potential of any space. Every project is a true collaboration of your vision and our expertise.

Step 2

Finalize your Custom Solutions

During your initial consultation, we’ll work with you to analyze your space, consider all the items you’d like to store, and create the best solution with you. During our follow up meeting, we’ll review your design. This is typically held in our showroom where you’ll be able to touch and feel the elements of your newly designed space.

Step 3

Expert Installation

Our 25,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility is located right here in Louisville, KY. We manufacture each shelf and panel to your project’s specifications. We use the industry’s latest techniques and quality control measures. Your new system is installed by our experienced employees to your total satisfaction, fully guaranteed, with the integrity of caring professionals.

Step 4


When everything finally has a “home,” you are free to spend time with the people and things that matter most to you.

Let us your space!

Bedroom Closets

Besides your bed, most people begin and end the day with their closet.  We often hear from our customers at the beginning of their journey how “very inefficient” their closet is with so much “wasted space.”  How they just want to “put my things away”.  Or worse yet, “My closet is a disaster!”  Fortunately, they’ve come to the experts.


Unlike your bedroom closet, every member of the family is in this space.  How often have you found someone standing at the pantry either staring blankly into it or rummaging through the shelves, knocking things over?  Our job is to design a space with everyone in mind. From adjustable shelves to divided snack drawers, everyone will finally be able to find the item they came looking for.

Home Office

Without the right space to work, working from home can seem impossible as time is wasted and paperwork is disorganized.  People looking to have their home office customized often come to us when nothing else will work.  We will design a custom solution that not only meets your needs, but your wants too.  An organized home office makes anyone more productive.

Media Center

Whether you have over 1,000 DVD’s to put away or you don’t own a single one and stream everything, we can design a solution with you in mind. Choose from modern to traditional styles that affordably compliment your personal style.

Garage System

Wish you had room in your garage for your car?  Embarrassed by what your neighbors must think when they see what’s behind that garage door?  Or do you simply wish you could find that tool you’re looking for when you need it?  From Handiwall Slatwall solutions to storage cabinets and worktops, our designers will work with you to find the perfect solution.

Kid's Closet

Whether your child is 5 months old, 5 years old, or 15 years old, they too, need a “home” for their belongings.  By adding drawers and adjustable shelves to their closet design, space in their bedroom is free for more important things like playdates and sleepovers.  By adding top and bottom hanging to their design, Little Ones can become more independent while Big Kids can store and access more clothing in their closet and not the floor.  Everyone wins.

Additional Spaces

We offer affordable solutions for every room!

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